Sunday, 29 March 2009

Sex In London

Sex In The City is frankly past it's best. Somewhere around season 3 was my favourite, when Carrie was undecided between Big and Adain, no one was yet boring and settled and the show was truly seen as a fashion force to be reckoned with. Hot Child In The City was also the best episode ever. A couple of seasons later it all ended with a climatic Paris triste, everyone mourned it for a while and we all did the 'which character are you' quiz in Grazia, well I did anyway. It ended on a high, and went out while it was on top. But then, well, it didn't.

By the time the film rolled around, I think I was fairly over the phenomenon. Granted I went to see the film, cried a bit when Big left Carrie jilted, and went out for some girlie cocktails afterwards. But in Peckham, not New York, unfortunately. It was a bit less glamorous. But the whole film just felt a bit, well, past it. I wasn't into watching a wrinkly woman pushing 50 having sex. The characters felt like my mum, and the last two sentences should never be associated again. Gross.

And now we have to see it all again. There's a sequel on its way. What more can they do? Surely every possible scenario has been covered, short of killing them all off. Well, actually that might be the plan. There has been whispers of killing off Samantha. Her breast cancer is set to return and this time not all the brightly coloured wigs of her last bout can save her. Kim Cattrall is apparently fighting this decision and battling to save her promiscuos alter ego, probably because if there's a third she'll lose out on big bucks. I hope Samantha isn't disposed off, she was always the most fun; surely they could kill off the boring Big instead? But apparently they've got other plans for him.

The rest of the plot sees Big being affected by the credit crunch, losing all his dosh and moving to London to live a life of lesser luxury, where he becomes depressed and beds another woman. Carrie finds out, freaks out, flies out to comfront him, leaves him, and then realises (sound effect) dun dun dun, she's preggers. This could all change however, as scripts are still in the first draft stages. But one thing that should stay the same is the innovative fashion. Patricia Field again takes the reigns with Vivienne Westwood set to lend a helping hand. Vivienne originally wanted to write the script, but after a polite no she's on board for wardrobe instead, most probably a much more apt place for her. The clothes may be more age appropriate for your mum, but will still be worth a look. And yes, I will go and see it, despite my ranting. I may even take a trip to the set when they film in London this winter for a sneaky peak. Yes, I am that sad.

Sex And The City at its vintage best.

Hot Child In The City. Best episode ever.

Carrie: How old are they?
Samantha: Thirteen.
Carrie: But they sound....
Samantha: I know...
Carrie: And they dress...
Samantha: I know, just like us.

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