Friday, 3 April 2009

Happenings Across The Pond

As I am having quite the love affair with my dissertation at the moment; devoting my every waking moment to it, offering it many pretentious words and beckoning tomorrow so to be reunited with it once more (yes, I am being sarcastic, not insane), I have gone for the lazy option of a picture heavy post.

As everyone may or may not know, Topshop (my first love, sorry dissertation) has jumped shores and opened up across the pond in the glorious NYC. The lavish opening ceremony yesterday saw a frenzied queue, Kate Moss dancing on a step and snipping the ribbon barrier, a pompous looking Philip Green and a celebrity or two. However, I am jealous. Not that I don't love and devote my loyalty to our good old Oxford Circus flagship, but the NY store on Broadway and Broome just looks so shiny and new, it's hard not to feel a twang of impassioned jealousy. 

And also next time I visit New York I can no longer return with a smug smile and the knowledge that, no matter how good the shopping may be, they don't have their very own Topshop. Except now they do. And it looks better. Hence jealous.

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  1. They opened up the first ever one in dubai as well at the same time. They had a fashion show and free food, was quite cool. I'll show you pictures when I get back.