Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Guinea Fowl and Matthew Williamson

This post is starting much like the last one- with a sheepish apology. I have been M.I.A. recently trying to sort out the foggy situation that is my future. This adds up to frantically attempting to nab a 'real' job and working at Look magazine. Look has been fun and I have learned a lot so far. Namely that Look and Grazia don't exactly see eye to eye, Danny Dyer cheats on his wife with cheap air hostesses, Alexa Chung wants £10,000 for a single interview and the IPC canteen is the most amazing place on earth. Guinea fowl and banoffee pie for lunch for under a fiver. Bye bye Pret.

But anywho. As everyone is probably not as much of a glutton as me and doesn't want to discuss the joys of guinea fowl, let's talk fashion. It’s no secret that Matthew Williamson’s H&M range launches next month, but up until now no one had seen the campaign’s images. A sneak peak of Daria Werbowy cavorting in Williamson’s famed prints was up on the net today. What you may not know is that these shots, that look like any other studio, were taken in Mexico. Just because. Nice to know that the credit crunch isn't affecting some people.

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