Thursday, 26 March 2009

The Lonely Shoes

There are many things I like; Ribena, my laptop, Gossip Girl, funny ducks, the crime channel, vintage everything. There are fewer things I love; red velvet cake, animals, sleeping, Marilyn Monroe. But the thing I love the most? Shoes. Ah shoes, my biggest vice. I think about them constantly, I plan my outfits around them, draw them, talk to them, I can’t go into town without buying a pair (my bank balance hates me). I know it’s ridiculously sad, but I really don’t care.

But recently, something sad has happened. As I cleaned my room to keep me from doing the ‘d’ word (dissertation, shhh) I found some shoes that I’d forgotten about. They were covered in dust, hidden behind a chair looking very lonely. Poor shoes.

It was looking at these lonely shoes when I realised my brogue phase may have to calm down. Instead of panic buying brogues in every colour I’ve decided it’s time to wear my shoes in rotation. It’s only fair to the shoes after all. Obsessed, me? No…

The lonely shoes, now all clean and shiny. In the spirit of rotation, I’m wearing the red ones into Look tomorrow.

And my prized Loubotins that had a five minute outing at LFW only to get a scratch on them and go quickly back in the box. Ican’t bring myself to wear them!

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