Thursday, 26 March 2009

Moss Musings

Word on the street is that Kate Moss is getting married. In a recent interview she slipped up while perusing some dresses and gasped ‘Oh that would be perfect for the wedding,” her eyes settling on a beaded 20s flapper. I’m not that interested in whether Kate’s getting married or not, more curious as to why she’s still such a sought after model. Most recently she was photographed for a future Yves Saint Laurent fragrance and has numerous other lucrative contracts up her scrawny sleeve.

And I’m not just being mean. She used to be a stunner. I’ll even forgive her for that annoying Croydon accent. But recently she just looks a bit haggard, don’t you think? Years of fags, booze, late nights and sniffing cocaine through fivers is taking it’s toll. But this doesn’t seem to stop Kate from booking every campaign going. It’s weird, aren’t you supposed to retire at 20 in the modelling world? But whatever, fair play to her, I guess, whatever she has that has designers kissing her feet she should bottle and sell, probably to Agyness Deyn who has my vote for model most likely to be working in Tesco in the next five years...

Spot the difference...

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