Monday, 2 March 2009

Go Check Go Fug

There really is nothing better than having a good ole' bitch about a celebrity's style, or in most cases, lack there of. It's a good way to vent all that pent up rage, be as venomous as you want about someone that you're more than likely never going to have to come face to face with, while also making you feel ten times better about that Topshop LBD that you wear out every weekend. Who needs a several thousand pound dress when it looks like a wrinkled towel anyway?

This is why Go Fug Yourself is one of my favourite websites. I have never come across another such website that can wax lyrical about a pair of fur covered knee high boots (thank you Solange) or a God awful Oscar dress (I'm talking to you Beyonce, bad taste must be in the blood) with such vigor. And so here's a date for your Internet calendar. On March 13 Go Fug Yourself will announce their list of the 65 worst celebrity outfits of the past year. My money is on Katy Perry taking the crown, but if you disagree why not go to the website and decide for yourself, have a rant and let off some steam. Yes, I know that getting so involved with a celeb's fashion faux-pas may not be the most productive way to spend your time, and it definitely won't end the recession, cure cancer or promote world peace, but hey, who cares, it's fun! So fun, in fact that I've come up with my own lil'list of the worst offenders...

Obviously Katy Perry is seriously cool, I mean she KISSED A GIRL for God's sake. She's so crazy like that that the only possible dress to wear is a carousel. I mean, d'uh.

Oh, but wait a second. At some satge during the night even a carousel wasn't crazy enough so a half dress half suit complete with half moustache did the trick nicely. Like I said, repeat offender and shoe in for the title.

There couldn't be a worst dressed list without Solange. This outfit needs no explanation, except that I could have been crueler in my choice. She's THAT bad.

Oh Mischa Barton, I know you got fat and all, and then everyone picked on you so you got skinny again, so does this mean that if your outfit choice gets enough flack you might eventually wear something nice? Being dumped by Luke Pritchard of Kooks fame must really be taking it's toll, I mean he's such a sex God and all. Channel your inner Marissa, she's there somewhere.

I'm not sure which Olsen this is, but I'm guessing Mary-Kate as she's supposedly the weirder of the two, and with this fur headband draped curtain combo, I can see why.

For anyone who ever thought two is better than one. You were so wrong.

I'm kind of ashamed that I've put Aubrey O'Day on this list. Firstly because it means that I know who she is, and secondly because it shows that I actually Googled this picture and it is now somewhere on my laptop. But she looks like she is wearing several species of animal at the same time and so, at least, is deserved of a place on this list.

I have absolutely no idea who this is, but this outfit speaks for itself.

I know it may not be terribly PC to single out Rihanna at the moment, after the beating and all, but LOOK AT THE SHOES.

And finally, Lily Allen a.k.a. piece of spam in a playsuit. Bleurgh.

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