Sunday, 29 March 2009

Sex In London

Sex In The City is frankly past it's best. Somewhere around season 3 was my favourite, when Carrie was undecided between Big and Adain, no one was yet boring and settled and the show was truly seen as a fashion force to be reckoned with. Hot Child In The City was also the best episode ever. A couple of seasons later it all ended with a climatic Paris triste, everyone mourned it for a while and we all did the 'which character are you' quiz in Grazia, well I did anyway. It ended on a high, and went out while it was on top. But then, well, it didn't.

By the time the film rolled around, I think I was fairly over the phenomenon. Granted I went to see the film, cried a bit when Big left Carrie jilted, and went out for some girlie cocktails afterwards. But in Peckham, not New York, unfortunately. It was a bit less glamorous. But the whole film just felt a bit, well, past it. I wasn't into watching a wrinkly woman pushing 50 having sex. The characters felt like my mum, and the last two sentences should never be associated again. Gross.

And now we have to see it all again. There's a sequel on its way. What more can they do? Surely every possible scenario has been covered, short of killing them all off. Well, actually that might be the plan. There has been whispers of killing off Samantha. Her breast cancer is set to return and this time not all the brightly coloured wigs of her last bout can save her. Kim Cattrall is apparently fighting this decision and battling to save her promiscuos alter ego, probably because if there's a third she'll lose out on big bucks. I hope Samantha isn't disposed off, she was always the most fun; surely they could kill off the boring Big instead? But apparently they've got other plans for him.

The rest of the plot sees Big being affected by the credit crunch, losing all his dosh and moving to London to live a life of lesser luxury, where he becomes depressed and beds another woman. Carrie finds out, freaks out, flies out to comfront him, leaves him, and then realises (sound effect) dun dun dun, she's preggers. This could all change however, as scripts are still in the first draft stages. But one thing that should stay the same is the innovative fashion. Patricia Field again takes the reigns with Vivienne Westwood set to lend a helping hand. Vivienne originally wanted to write the script, but after a polite no she's on board for wardrobe instead, most probably a much more apt place for her. The clothes may be more age appropriate for your mum, but will still be worth a look. And yes, I will go and see it, despite my ranting. I may even take a trip to the set when they film in London this winter for a sneaky peak. Yes, I am that sad.

Sex And The City at its vintage best.

Hot Child In The City. Best episode ever.

Carrie: How old are they?
Samantha: Thirteen.
Carrie: But they sound....
Samantha: I know...
Carrie: And they dress...
Samantha: I know, just like us.

Friday, 27 March 2009

Going, Going, Gone

Supermodel, Texan and Alexander Wang muse Erin Wasson held a garage sale last Saturday that I would have actually chopped my own arm off to attend. I'm not joking.

The 'garage' sale was held in her boyfriend's LA boutique Rogue Status so not exactly a garage but oh well. Erin wanted to rid herself of wardrobes past and donated anything that hadn't been worn for 6 months. "My style has gotten a lot simpler and now that I'm designing, I want to wear my own stuff." All proceeds of the sale went to an animal charity. Girl after my own heart. The sale included "Balenciaga, Givenchy, Burberry and Chanel and a sizeable cache of Marc Jacobs" with nothing priced over $100 and much for $20.  Oh. My. God. Chanel for a tenner?! I may actually have even swam to LA if I could do more than the doggy paddle.

Chaos was expected and as soon as the frothing at the mouth (probably) bargain hunters got through the doors, the racks were cleared within minutes- a pair of Balenciaga shoes given to Erin personally by Nicholas Ghesquiere sold within seconds. 

I'm afraid I can't write anymore, I'm overcome with envy, but if this ever happens in London then I'm setting up a campsite outside.

The only things left on the racks after 5 minutes.

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Louis Vuitton Gets Something Right

The shoes of the season. Start drooling. Start saving. Copies guaranteed to be flooding the high street any day now.

The Lonely Shoes

There are many things I like; Ribena, my laptop, Gossip Girl, funny ducks, the crime channel, vintage everything. There are fewer things I love; red velvet cake, animals, sleeping, Marilyn Monroe. But the thing I love the most? Shoes. Ah shoes, my biggest vice. I think about them constantly, I plan my outfits around them, draw them, talk to them, I can’t go into town without buying a pair (my bank balance hates me). I know it’s ridiculously sad, but I really don’t care.

But recently, something sad has happened. As I cleaned my room to keep me from doing the ‘d’ word (dissertation, shhh) I found some shoes that I’d forgotten about. They were covered in dust, hidden behind a chair looking very lonely. Poor shoes.

It was looking at these lonely shoes when I realised my brogue phase may have to calm down. Instead of panic buying brogues in every colour I’ve decided it’s time to wear my shoes in rotation. It’s only fair to the shoes after all. Obsessed, me? No…

The lonely shoes, now all clean and shiny. In the spirit of rotation, I’m wearing the red ones into Look tomorrow.

And my prized Loubotins that had a five minute outing at LFW only to get a scratch on them and go quickly back in the box. Ican’t bring myself to wear them!

Out With The Old And In With The New? Er, No Actually.

If rumours are to be believed then looking at autumn’s ad campaign one could be forgiven for thinking they’d be transported back to 1990. Except, maybe without pastel shell suits and New Kids On The Block, thank God.

We’re facing the return of the supermodel. Yves Saint Laurent’s Stefano Pilati is intent on bringing back the 1990’s leading ladies. His past campaigns have included Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss, and now it’s the turn of American former supermodel Christy Turlington. And to be honest, thank God, it’s about time. If I have to open another fashion magazine to be confronted by Pixie Geldof’s vacuous face, I’ll probably be more tempted to use it as a dartboard than admire her ‘innovative’ sense of style. I’m beyond sick of celebuspawn brats clogging covers. If I see another one staring blankly at me from my local’s newsagent’s shelf I might actually pick it up, storm over to the till, all arms waving and have a rant at the unsuspecting man behind the counter. Then I’d never be able to go back in there, and that would be a shame. I like my local newsagents. They have everything in there. Particularly mini rolls.

So, seriously Pixie and co. leave it to the professional, okay? Thank you.

Turlington in her hey day.

Supermodel Cindy set to make a comeback.

Claudia hasn't left the modelling scene since she first started.

You are not a model. God. Thinking you are just makes you extra annoying.

And finally, Adriana Lima, because I love her.

Moss Musings

Word on the street is that Kate Moss is getting married. In a recent interview she slipped up while perusing some dresses and gasped ‘Oh that would be perfect for the wedding,” her eyes settling on a beaded 20s flapper. I’m not that interested in whether Kate’s getting married or not, more curious as to why she’s still such a sought after model. Most recently she was photographed for a future Yves Saint Laurent fragrance and has numerous other lucrative contracts up her scrawny sleeve.

And I’m not just being mean. She used to be a stunner. I’ll even forgive her for that annoying Croydon accent. But recently she just looks a bit haggard, don’t you think? Years of fags, booze, late nights and sniffing cocaine through fivers is taking it’s toll. But this doesn’t seem to stop Kate from booking every campaign going. It’s weird, aren’t you supposed to retire at 20 in the modelling world? But whatever, fair play to her, I guess, whatever she has that has designers kissing her feet she should bottle and sell, probably to Agyness Deyn who has my vote for model most likely to be working in Tesco in the next five years...

Spot the difference...

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Guinea Fowl and Matthew Williamson

This post is starting much like the last one- with a sheepish apology. I have been M.I.A. recently trying to sort out the foggy situation that is my future. This adds up to frantically attempting to nab a 'real' job and working at Look magazine. Look has been fun and I have learned a lot so far. Namely that Look and Grazia don't exactly see eye to eye, Danny Dyer cheats on his wife with cheap air hostesses, Alexa Chung wants £10,000 for a single interview and the IPC canteen is the most amazing place on earth. Guinea fowl and banoffee pie for lunch for under a fiver. Bye bye Pret.

But anywho. As everyone is probably not as much of a glutton as me and doesn't want to discuss the joys of guinea fowl, let's talk fashion. It’s no secret that Matthew Williamson’s H&M range launches next month, but up until now no one had seen the campaign’s images. A sneak peak of Daria Werbowy cavorting in Williamson’s famed prints was up on the net today. What you may not know is that these shots, that look like any other studio, were taken in Mexico. Just because. Nice to know that the credit crunch isn't affecting some people.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Only The Loot Can Make Me Happy

If anyone reads this blog, apologies for it being lazy recently. I've been forcing myself to finish a piling mountain of literature reviews and exit dossiers and things of that nature, all equaling one thing, severe banality and boredom. But never fear, with them out of the way (until the looming hell that is dissertation finally catches up with me) I can again concentrate on the frivolity of fashion. Yay!

So, I've had a birthday recently. I usually would never mention this as it means getting older and the onslaught of that first dreaded wrinkle, but I'll make an exception in this case. Only because birthday money is so fun and ensures a guilt free splurge. Result. Below are the fruits of my labour, shopping labour that is.

I've been on the hunt for a navy blazer for ages, and this Urban Outfitters one just about doesn't make me look like a schoolgirl in a policeman's jacket. The skirt is a version of the Topshop photographic floral dress that sold out in a nano second a few weeks ago, and of course I had to get some more brogues as my love affarir with them continues. I know the striped shirt looks a little like pyjamas/a jail shirt, but O like it anyway. I plan on wearing the gold sandals when the weather gets warmer in about five months. Or never. Maybe I was a bit too eager there.

These sequin leggings were bought on a whim from eBay and may be a huge mistake. It has crossed my mind that I could end up looking like a member of the McQueen family from Hollyoaks. We shall see...

I'm loving tulip shaped skirts at the moment, hence the stipy number, and I'm also having a sock fetish.

Over and out.

Thursday, 5 March 2009


(Sound effect please) Dun dun dun! The bitch is back! And is getting her claws into the Bass. The first pictures of Gossip Girl's hellraiser Georgina Sparks, played by Michelle Trachtenberg, have hit the web. She'll wreak havoc for the last four episodes of season 2, from April 27 until the finale, which also features No Doubt covering Adam Ant's 'Stand and Deliver', er, interesting.

Georgina had been shipped off to reform school to fix a drug problem before the show's summer hiatus, but according to executive producer Stephanie Savage, "I don’t think there’s any boot camp in Idaho or anywhere else that will hold Georgina Sparks for long." Any now she's after Blair. Watch your back Waldorf...

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Okay, Now I feel old!

There has been much made of 'the model that cried at the Jil Sander show' this past week. No one quite knew what was wrong with her, leading to a bout of speculation and Chinese whispers - was it stage fright, had she been ridiculed backstage, a publicity stunt, maybe even a fight with her boyfriend? Well it turns out to be a lot less interesting than that. She has sensitive eyes and the harsh light and photographer's flashes were causing them to water. I wasn't even particularly interested in any of this but decided to Google the model in question all the same...

Turns out Lithuanian born Auguste Tomasuite is only 14 years old!! They really are getting younger and younger. I'm drawing my pension compared to her. Time to go and apply some more anti-ageing cream...

Gareth Pugh strikes again

Fashion enigma Gareth Pugh has never really been one for practicality, and he certainly is one of the more unpredictable designers in the world that is fashion. So you can imagine the shock of fashion editors and front row luvvies eagerly anticipating a catwalk show when Pugh exhibited an eight minute video in place of an actual show for his AW 09 collection. Model Natasha Vojnovic marches and squirms to demonic music in the largely black and white film. The reason for this departure, according to Pugh was that he thinks sending models strutting up the catwalk time after time is a 'half-arsed' way of doing things, and that it's 'time for a change.' If anyone can change fashion's thinking, it's Pugh.

But this isn't the first time video has replaced show. Antoni and Alison opted for showreel over floorplace at this year's LFW and Stefano Pilati and Viktor & Rolf have all been known to occasionally opt for the video camera. And if Pugh's phophetic 'time for a change' speech is anything to go by, I'm sure we'll be seeing more in the future.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Anna Lou Who

My daily trawl of Internet sites in search of things I want, but can never afford, usually sees me drooling over the latest Miu Miu and Louboutin heels emblazened on Net-a-Porter. I sigh, I cry, I curse the fact that I have not yet won the lottery and then go back to the beloved Topshop website. However, my latest craving may not be a futile one. Anna Lou of London accessorises have been making the style rounds of late and quite rightly so. Their inherent charm is oh-so cute and they are just the right amount of tacky. Probably why Anna Lou of London was recently selected as the one to watch in fashion and retail by the Observer Courvoisier Future 500 List. And with a new consignment in Topshop, I can combine my new lust with my old love.

These bracelets are on my wishlist. Them, and a sugar daddy...

Geek Chic C'est Magnifique

Geek chic may not be the key trend making the rounds on fashion magazine pages at the moment, but it's still very much live and kicking on the streets of East London. And as an art student I feel I am fully entitled to embrace this look, hurrah! I intend to do so at every opportunity. Check the inspiration.

Chic Circus Freaks

Once hot mess Britney Spears kicks off her Circus tour today in New Orleans and she's roped in a duo from the fashion elite to design her costumes. Dan and Dean Caten, or DSquared to you and me, will design Britney's stage suits, to detract from the fact that she'll mime her way through every song, probably.

"We are enormous fans of Britney, and have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to collaborate with her," explained the pair. "We searched for a different interpretation for this tour, starting with the traditional idea of the circus and then abandoning it. We wanted to create something much more provoking and indecent...something animalistic and primal."

And it turns out that the pairing may go together as harmoniously Winehouse and Jack Daniels, their last collection was full of 'superstar goes to Starbucks the morning after' inspired looks (below) after all.

Monday, 2 March 2009

Topshop Titillation

As I'm currently in Ireland there's little to do but trawl the Internet and some how I always invariably end up on Topshop's website. Without exception I want everything but the following outfit is on my wishlist. If anyone's feeling generous...

You Can Believe Everything You Read

It turns out the rumors are true, 27 year-old Dasha Zhukova has been appointed as editor-in-chief of Pop magazine. She has no previous editorial experience at all, but is a celebrity, so obviously that's fine.

The first issue with Dasha at the helm launches on September 1st and will see Pop focus more on art as well as fashion. In conjunction with the reinvented magazine there will also be a new website, new offices, an installation in Berlin and a partnership with the Saatchi Gallery in line with the movement in the art direction. Dasha is best known for being designer of Kova & T and also for setting up Moscow's largest exhibition venue, the Garage Centre for Contemporary Culture. Being the girlfriend of one of the richest men in Russia doesn't hurt either.

Go Check Go Fug

There really is nothing better than having a good ole' bitch about a celebrity's style, or in most cases, lack there of. It's a good way to vent all that pent up rage, be as venomous as you want about someone that you're more than likely never going to have to come face to face with, while also making you feel ten times better about that Topshop LBD that you wear out every weekend. Who needs a several thousand pound dress when it looks like a wrinkled towel anyway?

This is why Go Fug Yourself is one of my favourite websites. I have never come across another such website that can wax lyrical about a pair of fur covered knee high boots (thank you Solange) or a God awful Oscar dress (I'm talking to you Beyonce, bad taste must be in the blood) with such vigor. And so here's a date for your Internet calendar. On March 13 Go Fug Yourself will announce their list of the 65 worst celebrity outfits of the past year. My money is on Katy Perry taking the crown, but if you disagree why not go to the website and decide for yourself, have a rant and let off some steam. Yes, I know that getting so involved with a celeb's fashion faux-pas may not be the most productive way to spend your time, and it definitely won't end the recession, cure cancer or promote world peace, but hey, who cares, it's fun! So fun, in fact that I've come up with my own lil'list of the worst offenders...

Obviously Katy Perry is seriously cool, I mean she KISSED A GIRL for God's sake. She's so crazy like that that the only possible dress to wear is a carousel. I mean, d'uh.

Oh, but wait a second. At some satge during the night even a carousel wasn't crazy enough so a half dress half suit complete with half moustache did the trick nicely. Like I said, repeat offender and shoe in for the title.

There couldn't be a worst dressed list without Solange. This outfit needs no explanation, except that I could have been crueler in my choice. She's THAT bad.

Oh Mischa Barton, I know you got fat and all, and then everyone picked on you so you got skinny again, so does this mean that if your outfit choice gets enough flack you might eventually wear something nice? Being dumped by Luke Pritchard of Kooks fame must really be taking it's toll, I mean he's such a sex God and all. Channel your inner Marissa, she's there somewhere.

I'm not sure which Olsen this is, but I'm guessing Mary-Kate as she's supposedly the weirder of the two, and with this fur headband draped curtain combo, I can see why.

For anyone who ever thought two is better than one. You were so wrong.

I'm kind of ashamed that I've put Aubrey O'Day on this list. Firstly because it means that I know who she is, and secondly because it shows that I actually Googled this picture and it is now somewhere on my laptop. But she looks like she is wearing several species of animal at the same time and so, at least, is deserved of a place on this list.

I have absolutely no idea who this is, but this outfit speaks for itself.

I know it may not be terribly PC to single out Rihanna at the moment, after the beating and all, but LOOK AT THE SHOES.

And finally, Lily Allen a.k.a. piece of spam in a playsuit. Bleurgh.