Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Balmain Bluffing

About a week ago I went to the Affordable Vintage Fashion Fair in Bethnal Green and have been meaning to write about it but erm... well, just never did. Getting there an hour and a half too early was a mistake but I didn't want a repeat of the Angels vintage sale where I ended up queuing behind about 1000 overly eager people. Thankfully this was a much calmer affair. The fair itself was quite small and there wasn't that much tantalising vintage booty to be honest. There was an amazing stall of vintage inspired head pieces made using pearls, feathers and vintage brooches but they were in the range of £70. Hmmm, wasn't this supposed to be the affordable vintage fair? There was also some authentic vintage corseted basques in white satins and cotton that I'm kicking myself for not buying. The pop up tea shop with cupcake proved too distracting. Damn cake weakness.

However I spied a woman trying on a black sequin jacket and willed her to put it down. I was ready to say to her 'I wouldn't bother if I were you' and then snap it up for myself (all's fair in love and fashion) but needn't have as she discarded back on top of a pile of musty wares. Needless to say I grabbed it and promptly handed over the £10 price tag. I got the jacket home, added some shoulder pads and silver buttons and voila, it's the closest to Balmain I will probably ever get. Unfortunately. But I'm pretty happy with my efforts andplan on wearing it for my first day working at Tatler on Monday.



  1. i love that!!! i want it, if you ever tire of all that sparkles and sequins then hand it over!!!

  2. same!and I can't believe you got a placement with tatler! well done!