Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Latest Inspiration

So as usual I've been AWOL from this recently, but with good excuse. The dissertation, or to be exact, the subjugation of the American press during the McCarthy era and modern echoes of McCarthyism apparent in the Bush administration in press and government alike. Phew. But, I am now finished *gets up and does victory dance for longer than necessary*. Yep finished, albeit 4000 word over the limit but whatever. FINISHED!

Aah now back to spending mindless hours trawling the Internet and drooling over clothes. Firstly I'm buying these glasses. Well I would be if an evil ATM hadn't swallowed by card, but not to worry, a minor setback in the path to owning these frankly amazing 50s glasses. My flatmate hates them. Thoughts?

They kind of remind me of the cat's eyes glasses that Marilyn Monroe dons for How to Marry a Millionaire, don't you think? Even more reason to buy them in my opinion. I absolutely love Marilyn and will rattle on to anyone that will listen about just how much. I also completely stand by the theory that she was murdered by the Kennedys for knowing too much. But anyway I'm deviating...


  1. I like, I was going to get a pair before...but i dnt remeber what stoped me!

  2. don't listen to ur flatmate, they are retro and lovely!!